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​Ages: 3-7
Pages: 68
Word Count: 483
Category: Picture Book
Pea and Carrot have a bad feeling. Are Donut, Soda and Candy hiding something? They are so sweet, fancy and popular. But something is not right about them. Do they have a bitter secret?


Message: Today’s food society can be very confusing. Food comes in wrappers and boxes with intimidating ingredient lists. What are we really eating? Do we know where it came from? Is it even real food? Eating should be simple.
The UnPopular Pea (& Carrot) serves as a fun way to learn about "real" food. It shows the differences between candy and carrots and teaches children how to make healthy choices!
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Reader Reviews:

The Story Behind the Book





I wrote and illustrated this book for my nephew, Van. He was 6 years old, growing up, trying to understand this world of shiny-glitter-imposter-bagged food.


It can be confusing - ESPECIALLY as a kid. You’re still contemplating your belly button. You eat whatever Mom and Dad give you. They won't grow into a healthy person on junk food. Obesity in children is becoming "normal." It is scary, intimidating… and easily reversible. 


It starts with education. If a child is taught to eat healthy – they will! It’s as simple as that. They are tiny little sponges - absorbing whatever knowledge (and food) we choose to give them. It's our job to make their environment super positive and healthy. And this happens one choice at a time: 
     Yes, to apple. 
     No, to cupcake. 
     Yes, to hide-and-seek. 
     No, to Sparkly-Donut-World video game. 

Easy, right? But then comes your crazy busy schedule, supermarkets full of 1-minute boxed dinners, and a screaming child that is begging for candy… I get it. Life (and kids) can be demanding. But it's really not as hard as it seems. Teach your little fisher how to fish. Bring them into the kitchen and teach them how to whip up some homemade guacamole. Explain the importance of eating whole, healthy food. Sugar-infused birthday parties, school lunchtime and media commercials will not faze them. Your job will become a breeze. Then sit back with your carrot juice, wait for dinner to be served, and get ready to be impressed. Kids are amazing!

BEING "UnPopular"


Who wants to be unpopular? I think you do. Often times, the "unpopular" thing to do… is the right thing to do. And also, a very necessary thing to do. It takes guts. It makes you feel awkward. You’re outside the line, outside your (and everyone else’s) comfort zone. But that’s where the magic happens. The "unpopular" path is a hard one. But stick with it. Other brave "unpopular" minds are looking for you, and they need you. Stay true to your vision and mission – it’s ok to be unpopular. Together, we will make grand things happen!

A message from Elle Valentine

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